Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for answers to your frequently asked questions about Leaders in Practice.

  • Who created this and why?

    Leaders in Practice was established by dentalcorp as a way to give back to the dental community in Canada and to recognize those who make a difference in the lives of Canadians.

  • Who can nominate?

    Everyone and anyone is welcome to submit a nomination. Nominators are encouraged to submit nominations in multiple categories.

    Practitioners are welcome to submit nominations for themselves.

  • Who can vote?

    Voting is open to the public at large and individuals are encouraged to vote in multiple categories. Online voting will be open from January 4 to January 31, 2022.

  • Is there a limit to how many times you can nominate or vote in a category?

    Nominators are welcome to submit nominations for multiple people in each category. Voters are asked to confine themselves to one vote per category.

  • How are the winners chosen?

    The Board of Directors (to be announced) will select a short list of finalists, based on only the information provided in the submission.

    Finalist names and the supporting nomination content will be posted publicly on this site. Category winners will be declared based on which nominee receives the most votes by January 31, 2022. 

  • What is a shortlist?

    The shortlist is a list of finalists that have been selected from the list of all people nominated. Industry advisors chose the shortlist based on information provided in the nomination. Public voting for Leaders in Practice gives members of the public the opportunity to select their choices from the shortlist of nominees.

  • Will nominee contact info be publicly available?

    Nominee contact info will never be published publicly.

  • Will nominator names be public?

    The name of the individual submitting the nomination will not be published and nominees will not be made aware of who has put them forward as a potential winner.

  • What happens if I’m nominated?

    Nominees will be notified via email when they are nominated. The content of the submission will not be shared unless the nominee is included in the shortlist. In order to validate information provided in nominations, dentalcorp may contact the nominee’s employers and/or colleagues to verify participation in industry groups or programs.

  • How and when will winners be notified?

    All winners will be notified via email, phone, or in person. Winners must respond via email or phone by February 3, 2022 to collect their prize.

  • What does the 'feature in Oral Health' entail?

    Winners will be showcased in an 8-page gatefold in the April 2022 issue of Oral Health, each winner will have 1 dedicated page. Winners will have their photo taken by a professional photographer (preferably at their practice) and will be asked to participate in a brief interview in person, over the phone, or via email. Photoshoots and interviews must take place in the month of February and be complete by February 14, 2022.

  • How will the prize money be distributed?

    Winners will need to confirm their full name and provide a mailing address in order to be sent their plaque and prize money, which will be in the form of a cheque.

  • Are there stipulations on how prize money can be spent?

    Winners are free to spend the prize money however they choose. Prize money will be distributed in the form of a cheque made out to the winner.

    The winning practice in the team category will be awarded one cheque made out to the practice as a whole.

  • How frequently will the awards be handed out?

    Leaders in Practice is an annual award program open to new nominations each year.

  • Are there circumstances in which a winner could be asked to relinquish their award?

    If at any time post-winning, a winner conducts themselves in a way that goes against dentalcorp’s values, dentalcorp retains the right to remove the award from them.