2021 Winning Practice Support Team Member

Hélène Ferlatte | Practice Support Team Member

Award Category - Practice Support Team Member

Hélène Ferlatte
Clinique Dentaire Sgro et Lang (QC)

Nominated for Accountability

As a support team member, Hélène Ferlatte’s responsibility is to support the dentists, her team, and their valued patients. Working in the dental industry for nearly 24 years, she understands how crucial it is to offer the best experience possible for patients while also striving to make a difference in their lives. 

Hélène started her career as a part-time secretary in a dental clinic focused on implants and maxillofacial surgery. She soon transitioned to a full-time role in a new practice. Over the years, Hélène has built an extensive professional network and met many industry professionals, eventually leading to a production manager role in a dental laboratory. She worked alongside a prosthodontist to conduct research and development with CADCAM technology. With an abundance of experience under her belt, “dentistry became a passion.”

After navigating challenges associated with the pandemic, Hélène started a new journey in November 2020, working with Dr. Sgro and Dr. Lang at Clinique Dentaire in Greenfield Park, Montreal. When asked what she finds most rewarding about her current role, Hélène offered, “Even with all of the challenges of the pandemic, I feel lucky to have the best team here at the clinic. We’re always working hard and still manage to have fun.”

With the knowledge she’s acquired over the years, Hélène understands her team and, most importantly, her patients. Her advice is simple for practice support members looking to grow in their careers. “Always be yourself, and always believe in yourself. Be curious, and never stop learning,” she said. “When you show your patients that you care about them, you know you’re creating a relationship of trust.”

  • "When you show your patients that you care about them, you know you’re creating a relationship of trust."
    - Hélène Ferlatte

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