2021 Winning Associate Dentist

Dr. Jimin Lim | Associate Dentist

Award Category - Associate Dentist

Dr. Ji Min Lim
Slave Lake Dental (AB)

Nominated for Caring

As a child, Dr. Ji Min Lim experienced self-consciousness because of her crooked teeth. She, fortunately, had access to dental care to correct her smile and credited her parents for their strong values surrounding the importance of oral health. She decided to pursue a career in dentistry based on her own dental journey and the positive impact it has had on her life since.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees from the University of Alberta, Jimin joined Slave Lake Dental in 2020. She is grateful to get to work with an incredible all-female team. “They make me laugh every day, and I’m always excited to go to work. How lucky am I to get to say that?” she said.  

What she finds most rewarding, is the opportunity to educate and empower her patients to achieve their oral health goals by building trust through open and honest communication. “The dental chair is a very vulnerable place for many patients. My priority is to help my patients feel comfortable and safe,” she explains. 

Even with the best intentions to provide perfect and painless treatment, Ji Min recognizes that dentistry often has unexpected twists and turns. “As a healthcare provider, you are going to encounter situations that are sometimes beyond your control. That’s when I tend to overthink even outside of work, which sometimes makes work-life balance more challenging.”

Ji Min feels privileged to be in a profession where she can directly impact someone’s quality of life. For other associates looking to grow, she offered some impactful advice. “Keep your circle positive — people who make you happy, laugh, support you, push you towards greatness, and make you better. Be grateful for the challenges that come your way and graciously accept them as part of an exciting lifelong learning curve.”

  • "They make me laugh every day, and I’m always excited to go to work. How lucky am I to get to say that?"
    - Dr. Ji Min Lim

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