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Slave Lake Dental | Practice Team

Award Category - Practice Team

Slave Lake Dental 
Slave Lake (AB)

Nominated for Collaboration

A pillar of the Slave Lake community for over 40 years, Slave Lake Dental has built a stellar reputation as a patient-centered practice committed to providing an exceptional level of care.

Principal dentist Dr. Terri Pukanich describes Slave Lake Dental as a relationship-driven practice comprised of a team of exceptional individuals dedicated to putting patients first. “We endeavour to understand who our patients are as people, what their goals for their oral health are, and how we can work together to help them reach their goals. Putting patients first often means doing the little things to make their experience better. The small stuff goes a long way,” she said.

Ultimately, Terri believes Slave Lake Dental’s cohesive culture and vision is what sets it apart from other practices. “We have a strong set of core values that bind us together. We attract the right people to our practice through our shared values and unite as a team through our common purpose. We believe that if we treat each other well, we will inevitably treat our patients well,” she said.

While the team works hard to exceed patient expectations every day, they also make it a priority to enjoy their time together. “Having fun at work is possible and we prove that every day,” Terri said.

The team at Slave Lake Dental collectively share a passion for their profession. “We see ourselves as examples of what is possible. We get to inspire and lead so many different groups of people, and we take that very seriously,” said Terri. “This isn’t just a job for us; we truly believe we are making a difference.”

  • “Having fun at work is possible and we prove that every day.”
    - Slave Lake Dental

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