2019 Winning Practice Support Team Member

Casey Gutierrez | Practice Support Team Member

Award Category - Practice Support Team Member

Casey Gutierrez
Downtown Dental Group (MB)

Nominated for Excellence

An experienced Dental Administrator with over 13 years of industry experience, Casey originally began her career on the clinical side of dentistry.

Upon graduating from CDI College’s first-ever dental assisting program in Winnipeg, Casey worked as a Dental Assistant for five years before transitioning into dental administration. She credits being drawn to the deeper conversations and meaningful connections afforded by the administrative side of the business for her decision to change course.

In her current role, Casey prides herself on being able to effectively inform and communicate with patients. “When a patient comes in who is nervous and uninformed about costs and procedures, it is my responsibility to clarify as much information to the best of my ability,” she says. “When I know they have a better feeling and understanding of what to expect, I know I did my job right.”

She further emphasizes the need for oral care providers to make patients feel important. “Patients should feel like they are more than just a walking set of teeth. When you show patients that you value their health, they will begin to value their health themselves.”

When asked what advice she has for other practice support team members looking to move ahead in their careers, she offers, “The most important word in Practice Support Team Member is support. We support our dentists, colleagues, and patients from scheduling their appointments through to the end of their transactions. Create a relationship with your patients because you are a part of their lives at least twice a year, and before you know it, 13 years have passed by.”

  • “The most important word in Practice Support Team Member is support.”
    - Casey Gutierrez

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