2018 Winning Principal Dentist

Dr. Jan Jaffer | Principal Dentist

Award Category - Principal Dentist

Dr. Jan Jaffer 
TREC Dental (AB)

Nominated for Giving Back

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Jan Jaffer knew from a very early age that he would be a dentist. After graduating from high school, he was granted the opportunity to enroll in an accelerated five-year dentistry program at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco, where he attained his doctorate in 2002 at the age of 22.

Upon graduation, he joined his father’s dental practice, which had been established in Northwest Calgary since 1981. Jan soon decided to build on the great reputation of this practice to create TREC Dental – which now operates 15 clinics that pride themselves on being “values-based and socially-conscious.” TREC Dental partners and team members alike share this ethos of meaningful giving back— on both a local and international scale.

While TREC donates and participates in many local initiatives, Dr. Jaffer is most proud of TREC’s recent partnership with Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) – a local organization dedicated to providing free dental care to some of Calgary’s most vulnerable citizens. He personally has been on 12 overseas dental missions to remote communities in Guatemala, Peru, Tibet, Ecuador and Morocco, as have many of his TREC partners.

  • "It’s making sure that as we grow and prosper, we always uphold the philosophy of abundance by giving back more - because that’s what truly makes us successful and content and makes for a better world."
    - Dr. Jan Jaffer

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