2018 Winning Dental Assistant

Ada Hume | Dental Assistant

Award Category - Dental Assistant

Ada Hume 
Hog’s Back Dental Centre (ON)

Nominated for Excellence

A highly knowledgeable Dental Assistant with a wealth of experience in oral health care, Ada has been an invaluable member of the Hog’s Back Dental Centre team for over 35 years. She credits the opportunities for continuous learning and a positive work environment as the reasons she pursued a career in dental assisting. Described as the “backbone” of the office by colleagues, Ada’s passion and dedication towards patients is obvious to those around her.

Ada has proudly cared for multiple generations of families at her clinic and finds fostering meaningful and trusting relationships with patients to be the most rewarding aspect of her role. “By having compassion and empathy towards anxious patients, you ease fear and create pleasant dental experiences. I connect and bond with patients, and these bonds develop into relationships and trust.”

On delivering excellence in patient care, Ada highlights the uniqueness of patients’ needs and the importance of listening, “Each patient has different needs and wants, so it is important that you listen to each patient.” 

  • "Sometimes things are not learned from a book but from observing and asking questions. You are never too old to learn and love what you do."
    - Ada Hume

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